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Friday, August 14, 2009

Fourmile Creek as the rain begins to fall somewhere not too far from Mount Sherman outside of Fairplay, CO. September 2002.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Well I decided to try something different. I have never used iMovie on my Mac before and decided to give it a go. You see I lost my father earlier this year and more recently fellow blogger Whitenoise's father passed away as well. I figured I'd make a photo montage of places I hiked as a tribute to both our Dads. Well my first attempt on my old Mac with an older version of iMovie was less than satisfactory. I'm not sure what went wrong, but the video was a mess. Could be the older processor just didn't have the guts to do the job. So much for the tribute. Well then I got real busy trying to sell a house, which I did and then had to move real quick. Now I am in a real crap hole of an apartment slipping into an ever deeper funk with nothing to do other than to try and find a new purpose in life, a task at which I have not made much progress on.

Now for some reason which is beyond me, I decided to revive the tribute project. I went back and looked at the first attempt and found it to be unsalvageable. So I started from scratch using the Macbook I inherited from my Dad. A Macbook that I set up for him last November. A Macbook my Dad liked a lot. Well it seems the Macbook did have the processing power required for the task and the newer version of iMovie didn't hurt either. So here it is... the tribute. Let this be a tribute to whoever you wish. Maybe you too lost your dad or your mom. Maybe a brother or a sister. Maybe an aunt or an uncle. Maybe a best friend. Let it be their tribute too. Sit back for the next four minutes and enjoy some average photos of some above average places in Colorado, New Mexico, and Michigan. Enjoy the background music too. It is the song "One Last Time" by the band Borne. It is really a great song from an excellent band. The album it is from, "Loss of signal" is also excellent. So turn up the volume if you can and think what you might do if you could see the person you lost one last time... Enjoy.

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