Hiking CO

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Golden tamarack line the edge of a woodland lake in a Metropark some 40 miles northwest of Detroit. It is a scene that will not be repeated. The tamarack that surround the lake no longer grow their needles in the spring. The lake level rose quite a bit over normal a year or so ago and didn't subside. I guess the tamarack were drowned out. They no longer put on this fall display. They are bare and stripped of life.

No this is not a photo of hiking in CO. It is the last place I had the privilege of hiking to with my Dad while he was still capable of making the 3.5 mile round trip. Now like the golden tamarack in the photo, he is gone. His frail body could go no further. He passed away a few days before his birthday earlier this month. This is my tribute to him. There isn't much more to say. The words escape me, but the sorrow lingers...