Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just some of the dramatic scenery that can be seen along the North Inlet Trail on the 11 mile hike from Grand Lake to Lake Nanita. At over 20 miles for the round trip, it makes for one long day hike. At least the elevation change is nice and gradual. Rocky Mountain National Park. July 2000.


Anonymous dave drake said...

are those hikers on the top left?

20 mi round trip. wow, that's a helluva trek. Don't know if my tobacco scarred lungs cold handle that! ;-)

I also got a question for ya on the post below that I asked a while back about the air.

5:38 PM  
Blogger molson said...

The thin air I was referring to was there was no more solid ground on which to stand as in air won't support my now geezing fat encrusted body. My rock climbing skills are weak and I don't carry climbing gear so I try to avoid the vertical stuff by a few feet if I can help it. Actually, the air is thin everywhere at those elevations come to think of it.

Hikers on the top left? I think they are trees. My cheap scanner didn't handle the photo very well. That photo was taken before digital cameras were affordable.

If you ever wanted to experience the thin air at 14,000 feet without walking more than 200 yards, you can drive up the Mount Evans Highway. You can also drive up Pikes Peak. You should make a trip to CO sometime DD. You won't be disappointed. Plus there is some really good beer brewed in CO. Fat Tire and Sawtooth Pale Ale are just a couple that come to mind. I really need to get out there on a permanent basis if only for the beer.

7:48 PM  
Anonymous dave drake said...

I was in Denver and Colo Spgs four yrs ago but there was no time for hiking. I liked the area a lot. Except at night after the sun went down behind the mtns. Damn it got cold. And this was in the summer.

The photo looks just fine enlarged. I just thought that it appeard to me anyway those were hikers on the top left.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous drake said...

oh - we consumed rum n coke me, and whiskey n coke = my buddy. and smoked some...well, fill in the blank.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Whitenoise said...

cool photo. Any hiking/climbing planned for this summer?

3:24 AM  
Blogger molson said...

I don't think I will be able to get to CO this summer. Maybe in the fall, but might have to make due with hiking Michigan. Due to some screw-ups on my part, money's tight right now so I just don't know.

4:58 PM  

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